My recipes aboard

Monica in cucina a bordo, galley

★ My recipes are always for two people.
★ My recipes are simple to make as I have no great manual skills and I do not like to lose more time than required for the preparation of food.
★ I am both of origin and from Milan; I have learnt to cook from my mom and she learnt from her mother: therefore I use butter happily. And I cooked my “casoeula” (typical dish of the Milanese cuisine) on boat at port, in winter.
★ I’m not vegetarian, but I try to eat little meat.
I would like to eliminate flesh but we love it, maybe one day we can do it.
★ I tend to use the same ingredients, as my recipes have been tested along the years on my children and, you know, kids do not like culinary innovations. As a matter of facts my children tolerate these changes more than all the others, but that’s another story.
★ I put in my recipes what I find in the refrigerator and in the pantry.
★ My recipes are based on seasonal products, unless we have been at sea for several days and before leaving we have bought few groceries, generally thinking to stop in a port and having afterwards changed our minds. In these cases I do my best with what I have in the shelves.

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