Good morning

buongiorno in barca a vela alba

I open my eyes.
I put my windbreaker jacket and the gym pants on.
Wooden flooring underfoot.
Three steep steps. My stairway to Heaven. Just over the companion.
Yellow, hugging rose, white, blue.
Blue over and under. The blue of the sky is mirrored and merges with that of the sea water. At the end the light blue comes.
When in town I grunt until I have had my second coffee.
Good Morning
Now I can make peace even with those in the office, at the machine coffee, while working in a company, who promised me to help and never maintained.
“Did you let me at the office working (free) overtime while you went to the latest happy hour? I fogive you.
The sun is warm. It’s not hot. I feel like having some arms around me, lovingly.
I feel serene, as the day that dawns.
And I get down to have my morning coffee.

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