Bad weather

brutto tempo in arrivo, barca ferma

Unexpectedly days of bad weather have happened to me.

I have made detailed and scheduled plans with things absolutely to do.
Besides I have some sightseeings, some places to visit on my mind, that I easily postponed for better days.

I’m stuck in port aboard, instead.

A pouring rain didn’t invite me to leave dry and enclosed space. But outside the storm was raging. Rain was the only element that was not my enemy. Wind and sea, on the contrary, seemed to have joined forces to make the getting out of the boat not just unthinkable but impossible.

We have moored stern toward the dock, but as we are pretty far away the floating jetty we have put the gangway. With that miserable weather conditions each of them, boat, gangway and jetty take on a life of its own. They do not get their act together in order to let you go from one to the next, and to the other one.

When you have calculated the effects of the wave on the gangway, waited for it to stop a while after the hola, just a few seconds before the next wave, usually a wind shear forces you to cling to anything near you and to plant your feet! In these cases please be aware that is much more better not to hold on neither to a human being, maybe off balance like you, nor to flying lines that are safe like the wind.

And so I stayed inside. I might have used that time to clean thoroughly the lockers of the kitchen and in the saloon but it was not easy to remain standing. Besides even if I am not seasick, my stomach suggested not to move and so I took the book I have just started to read, I put another pair of socks on and I relaxed, cradled by Olga.

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