Risotto alla zucca

My creamy easy pumpkin risotto

This pumpkin risotto is really the perfect fall meal; pumpkin is very versatile and is delicious in savory recipes but risotto is one of my favourite dishes.

spaghetti alle vongole impiattati

Spaghetti with clams

It’s supersimple!
If you find the clams from the fishermen on the harbour, follow my recipe, you won’t regret!

grata con dietro un cielo azzurro

Covid-19, Thoughts

Thoughts during two months in lockdown.
All started from one of my father’s joke.

brutto tempo in arrivo, barca ferma

Bad weather

Unexpectedly days of bad weather have happened to me. I have made detailed and scheduled plans with things absolutely to do. Besides I have some sightseeings, some places to visit on my mind, that I easily postponed for better days.

Monica in cucina a bordo, galley

My recipes aboard

How I cook aboard and when I’m in Milan, plus some curiosities.

buongiorno in barca a vela alba

Good morning

I open my eyes.
I put my windbreaker jacket and the gym pants on.
Wooden flooring underfoot.
Three steep steps. My stairway to Heaven. Just over the companion.